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The University is mandated to provide academic programs in science and technology, agriculture, engineering, teacher education, technical education and other areas as may be instituted on the basis of national, regional and local development goals. It is also mandated to provide research and extension services to its primary clientele – the province of Davao Oriental and outwards.


The University is commissioned to:


● provide higher quality tertiary education

          ∘ characterized by cultural sensitivity and inter-disciplinary approach

          ∘ informed by active research, community connection and institutional collaboration

          ∘ providing the lifelong diverse needs of students and their parents


● advance knowledge by research and community involvement

          ∘ to standards achieving national recognition

          ∘ throughout its subject range


● support national and regional economic development agenda and directions


● build vigorously its close ties within the region, the nation and continue to develop wider international relationships.



● A university of excellence, innovation and inclusion.




● To elevate knowledge generation, utilization and distribution


● To promote inclusive sustainable development through R&D-based higher quality education, technical-vocational skills, responsive to the needs of local and global community


● To produce holistic, creative, and inclusive human resource who are
responsive and resilient to global challenges while maintaining a strong sense of nationhood

DAVAO ORIENTAL STATE UNIVERSITY is an educational institutional established and sustained by quality education. It seeks to successfully implement and improve its Quality Management System in order to better serve its students and community, further contributing to the nation-building.


To sustain this culture of quality, DOrSU is committed to:


Deliver quality education, research, and extension and progressive leadership to its stakeholders;


Offer relevant value-adding programs and products responsive to the Sustainable Development Goals;


Sustain conducive environment for learning, research, and extension through continuous professional development and providing state-of-the-art technologies, facilities and infrastructure;


Comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;


Serve its stakeholders better by implementing value-adding improvements using different tools such as Risk Management and 5S; and


Transfer organizational knowledge and QMS expertise to other institution

● God-centered and Humane


● Critical Thinking and Creativity


● Discipline and Competence


● Commitment and Collaboration


● Resilience and Sustainability