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The Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, as an educational institution that is committed to unceasingly pursue its vision of excellence, innovation and inclusion continues to reach greater heights furthering quality service as a university. Hence, the recent conversion of the college to “Davao Oriental State University” last May of 2018 has served as another milestone in encompassing its quality educational contribution in the province of Davao Oriental and the academe at best, and thus, forming a new logo.


The formation of this logo includes the following components:

Davao Oriental State University, established on 2018 (year on Roman Numeral) through Republic Act 11033

The map in the heart of the logo epitomizes the identity of the province with its boosting agri-business industry from where it is known for as the ‘Coconut Capital of the Philippines’; also highlighting the eco-tourism industry from where it is home for the ‘First and only World Heritage Site in Mindanao,’ Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary.

The ‘tools of tools’. The hands represent strength, ability, instruction and balance. Generosity, hospitality and stability are also amongst the morals the hands in the logo symbolize. Embodying such values, the hands, which are the people who continuously commit in enacting their roles, encompass not just to the university and institution they belong but also to the totality of the province and the nation they serve.

The university continues to uphold its zeal for service and communion in mission through its principles, values, ideals and objectives which are the ‘pillars of its weight of successes’ as represented by an ‘Ionic column’. Placed at the upper center of the logo, the column extends towards the hands and the totality of the provincial map acting as the foundation of the weight of the university’s successes.

These cornerstones are the idea of ‘sustainability’ which continues to point towards sustainable research, extension and production. The beams also symbolize countless opportunities, successes and achievements for the institution and its stakeholders.

Not just looking back from where standardization has started, these symbols: atom and gear, also inculcate critical thinking and creativity among the administration, the faculty and the stakeholders of the institution.

Embodying the values of being humane and God-centered, the book is placed at the center-base of the logo.

Embodying the values of being humane and God-centered, the book is placed at the center-base of the logo.

Denoting foremost resiliency as an institution and courage in protecting the DORSU community, this emblem also indicates that the institution keeps its governance and management firm and secure.

This depicts the institution’s deep respect for the culture and traditions of the people of the province whom it represents and serves. It also portrays the institution’s commitment in the preservation of this rich cultural heritage.

Blue: Stands for organization, loyalty, and honesty


Yellow: Stands for integrity, commitment, social responsibility, and success


White: Stands for peace, prosperity and compassion


The given logo components as well as the incorporation of its vital connotations deliberately went through, a critical selection processes in reflection to the institution’s undertakings to elevate knowledge, promote higher quality education, and produce holistic and globally competitive human resource and individuals. Whilst the logo transcends both design and aesthetics, it also carries messages. This logo also has a soul and value. This is the institution, itself. This is Davao Oriental State University.