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Davao Oriental State University upholds the right to freedom of expression and the journalistic views of its students, and it is embodied in the University’s student publication, Ang Sidlakan.


Ang Sidlakan, attributed to its acronym “AS” is the Official Student Publication of Davao Oriental State University. It bears its official tagline, “Your Voice. Your Vanguard. Your Truth.” The AS is in service to the general needs of the student body and is always abiding by the ethics of responsible journalism. Its primary duty is to publish articles with a wide range of topics, stemming from news and events within the campus, local, national, or even international level that directly impact the students and the public in general.


The members of Ang Sidlakan are bonafide students of DOrSU, and are carefully selected in accordance to their academic standing and capabilities. Each member possesses exemplary wit and communication skills, a pleasing personality, and the passion and commitment to be of service to the students, the university, and the people. AS values fairness and equality within the publication, while carrying their duty to amplify the voices of every Tata, despite diversities in their age, gender, religion, and cultural backgrounds.

For a more precise idea about the student publication, the following are the objectives of AS:


● To publish at least one issue per semester and special issues if needed.


● To establish and maintain an online presence to serve the student body in the digital medium.


● To serve the general interest of the DORSU studentry in the main and extension campuses.


● To serve as a medium of truth for campus, local, national, and international issues.


● To continually equip its staff with high caliber skills in writing, photojournalism, layout, and cartooning.