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The main purpose of Student Affairs’ work is to support student learning and personal growth. We do this by providing important services, being advocates for students, helping students adjust socially, and providing a curriculum for personal growth and learning through student involvement in co-curricular activities. The most desirable approach to the support of learning and personal growth is in partnership with the faculty. This partnership can take on many forms including service-learning opportunities, compensatory educational programs, and student-faculty interaction outside the classroom, especially in student organizations that are academically aligned.


We support student learning and personal growth as we act out our roles. Those roles include: providing services, being advocates, helping student adjust to the campus, and being educators in partnership with the faculty.

● Accreditation / Recognition of Student Organization


● Processing and Issuance of Identification Card


● Application and Issuance of Certification of Moral Character, etc.


● Signing of Clearance


● Student Grievance Mechanism