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The Davao Oriental State University’s International Relations Office (IRO) is an Administrative Unit under the Office of the President and serves as the university’s channel in organizing innovative and inclusive programs essential in expanding its transnational experience for its stakeholders towards global competitiveness and development; strengthen its global linkages to form a global representative network that will carry DOrSU in the international academic map.


Anchored to the university’s vision to become a university of excellence, innovation and inclusion, the International Relations Office shall take the initiative in establishing an engaging international relationship and explore opportunities for faculty members, students, and non-teaching staff towards cross border mobility and internationalization. 


The International Relations Office of Davao Oriental State University under the Office of the President and comes under the leadership of its Director.  The core mandate of the Office is stipulated in BOT Resolution No. 2019-27 to wit:


● Initiate and explore linkages with foreign organizations, networks, and associations for prospective programs and projects;


● Promote good international public relations and goodwill for the University;


● Plan and implement capability-building activities promoting efforts for international recognition for the University;


● Coordinate, monitor, and assess international recognition efforts in the University;


● Represent the University in international meetings when required; and


● Perform other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the University President.

● Accommodation of Foreign Researcher (Anna Barboza)


● Attended International Webinars


● Accommodation of International Opportunities (Bixter Training-Denmark)


● Virtual Engagement Meetings with (8) Foreign Universities


UMAP Membership


SEAMEO Membership


● Admission of Foreign Student (Abdul Wasay)