Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar which is responsible for the custody, integrity, management, accounting and release of the academic records of students is manned by six (6) personnel. Its basic functions are the following:

1. Admission and selective retention of students.

2. Compliance of admission and academic requirements.

3. Registration/Enrollment of students

4. Enforcement of scholastic delinquency, transferees, accreditation, graduation, graduation with honors, changing/adding/dropping of subjects and other related matters.

5. Evaluation of scholastic records/credits for purposes of accreditation of transfer units, determination of curricular level, scholastic standing, promotion, graduation, etc.

6. Commencement/Graduation exercises and all other relevant activities.

7. Selection of honor students both in the collegiate and secondary levels.

8. Management, accounting, control, maintenance, accuracy, classification, reconstruction, and issuance/release of students’ academic records.

9. Orientation of students on academic policies, rules and regulations.

10. Information on statistical data of enrollment, graduates, dropped-outs, etc.

11. Signs Transcript of Records, certifications, and other related documents.

12. Sets a standard operating procedure for the Office of the Registrar.

13. Designs process flow chart of office functions.

14. Evaluates performance of Registrar’s personnel.